Roof Restoration Services

Roof Restoration Services

High-Pressure Cleaning: Our top-tier equipment revitalizes your roof by effectively removing moss, lichen, and dirt. Our precision pressure guns are tailored for tiled roofs, delivering a perfect restoration at 3200 PSI.

Re-bedding: Melbourne's roofs often exhibit cracked and deteriorated bedding cement. Fang's Roofing expertly replaces damaged tiles, removes old and unsightly bedding, and ensures straight, new bedding for a flawless roof restoration.

Valleys: Valleys, the sloped areas along your roof, can deteriorate with age, jeopardizing waterproofing. We replace rusty valley irons with new Zincalume valleys and storm seal strips to safeguard your roof.

Flexi-Pointing: Our meticulous attention to detail extends to the visible aspects of your roof. We use flexible Flexi-Point, designed not to crack and available in classic and contemporary colors to complement your home's style.

Painting: Fang's Roofing prepares tiles to perfection, ensuring the encapsulating membrane adheres flawlessly. Our accredited installation uses high-quality paints and primers, including sealing, priming, and two coats of membrane for a robust, long-lasting finish.

If your roof is beyond restoration, we also offer tiled roof replacement services.